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Chicago, IL, 60610

Larisa Turin comes from three generations of Medical Doctors. She received her Medical Doctor degree from one of the top schools in Europe; the First Moscow State Medical University.

Working as a doctor for the Russian embassy in Mongolia, Larisa discovered acupuncture. Her fascination with the extremely effective treatment options that Oriental Medicine presented led her to enroll in the Mongolian State University where she received her degree of Oriental Medicine Doctor.

When she arrived in America, Larisa decided to specialize and graduated from the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine with a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine degree. Since passing the national board exam she has been practicing at her ChicagoAcupuncture™ clinic.

This book is based on her experience of running a very successful practice where she combines her knowledge of Oriental and Western medicine to help thousands of people regain their health. Here you will find simple explanations of how acupuncture and Oriental Medicine works. Larisa will explain these extremely powerful and ancient treatments in a way that even the most skeptical reader will change their mind. If you have ever struggled with a disease or condition that you just can’t seem to find relief from, you will be amazed to discover the power of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Open this book and you will see how Larisa has helped people get rid of infertility, insomnia, pain, menopause, headaches and many other conditions that you might be struggling with.


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